Аnniversary of the Association of Geodesic Companies

Аnniversary of the Association of Geodesic Companies gathered in Arbanassi with over 450 people from the sphere of geodesy, cadastre and cartography. On 31 March 2017 the Kaloyanova Krepost attraction hosted this spectacular celebration. Some of the many official guests were: Mr. Lyuben Dichev - Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Mrs. Vesela Nacheva-d. Secretary of MRDPW, Eng. Mima Chaleva-op. Director of AGKK and others. For the company "Congresses and Events", it was an honor and a pride to be the organizer of this great event, for which it was awarded a prize and a sponsorship certificate. Host of the event was Georgi Velichkov, who performed some songs from his repertoire and with his humor contributed to the good and festive mood! Happy holiday !!!

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